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Tag: nature based solutions

Using Oyster Reefs to Protect Shorelines, with Claire Arre

California coastlines used to be full of oyster reefs, until human activity and development caused populations to drop precipitously. Bringing them back could breathe new life into coastal ecosystems — and protect coastal communities’ against sea level rise. We spoke to Claire Arre about how Orange County Coastkeeper is using a “living shorelines” approach to reintroduce native oysters in Orange County and how other regions can use this strategy too.

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Protecting Drinking Water from Agricultural Pollutants with Des Moines Water Works

As climate change exacerbates droughts, agricultural pollution may jeopardize our drinking water more often. Climate Break spoke to Jennifer Terry, external affairs manager for Iowa’s largest drinking water utility, about the collaborative strategies they’re using to help farmers reduce polluted runoff and protect Iowan’s drinking water.

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