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Tag: drought

Using Paleo Valleys to Recharge Aquifers, with Dr. Rosemary Knight

How can insights from geophysics help us to make better use of rainwater? Geophysicists, like Stanford’s Dr. Rosemary Knight, can identify ancient, buried riverbeds called paleo valleys. We spoke with her about how such geologic structures can help us recharge aquifers deep below the Earth’s surface.

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Protecting Drinking Water from Agricultural Pollutants with Des Moines Water Works

As climate change exacerbates droughts, agricultural pollution may jeopardize our drinking water more often. Climate Break spoke to Jennifer Terry, external affairs manager for Iowa’s largest drinking water utility, about the collaborative strategies they’re using to help farmers reduce polluted runoff and protect Iowan’s drinking water.

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Climate Migrant Policy with Janet Napolitano

Unpredictable weather patterns, crop disease, unstable governments–all of these symptoms of climate change are pushing North and Central Americans northward to find economic opportunity and safety. President Biden recently addressed this rising influx of climate migrants to the United States by issuing an executive order stipulating a humane, comprehensive framework to address the root causes of migration such as “improving governance and the rule of law, fighting against corruption and impunity, addressing climate drivers of migration, and respecting human rights.”

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