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Using Carbon Emissions Registries to Reduce Emissions with Dan Krekelberg

When emissions aren’t tracked, it’s harder for organizations to see how they can reduce their carbon footprints. Climate Break spoke with Dan Krekelberg, policy director of Climate Registry, about how centralizing emissions data can help organizations and agencies track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Neighborhood Climate Data with Ms. Margaret Gordon

West Oakland experiences the highest level of diesel particulate matter — a toxic air contaminant and form of powerful, short-lived climate pollutant– of any community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Heavy truck traffic to the Port of Oakland, pollution from the Port and from the surrounding freeways along with decades of disinvestment resulted in this concentration of air pollution. Coupled with emissions from neighboring industry and activity, these pollutants have contributed to worsening climate change and generated higher rates of asthma, cardiovascular disease, premature death and other adverse health effects for the West Oakland community.

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