Large-scale Solar with Shannon Eddy

In 2018, former California governor Jerry Brown set a goal to completely decarbonize the electricity grid by 2045. Solar will be the backbone of the grid. The state will need probably 70,000 megawatts of utility scale solar online in the next 25 years. This week, listen to the conversation between Climate Break and Large-scale Solar Association, to see how it supports market penetration of utility-scale solar technologies through appropriate policy mechanisms.

Regenerating Food Systems with Grizzly Corps

The agricultural sector, in combination with forestry, contributes to almost 25% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. A healthy food system can bring positive impact on climate through different aspects, including transportation, infrastructure, water use, or urban planning, etc. This week, we will explore how Grizzly Corps, a National Service Fellowship program through AmeriCorps administered at UC Berkeley Law, regenerate California agriculture food systems.

Prescribed Burns with Bill Tripp

Prescribed burns, like what Native Tribes conducted until colonial powers stopped them, are key to making communities more resilient to wildfires, which are increasing in severity with climate change. This week on Climate Break, we are joined by Bill Tripp, the Director of Natural Resources and Environment Policy for the Karuk Tribe, to talk about prescribed burns.