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Category: Economics & Finance

How International Trade Policy Can Boost Climate Action, with Joseph Shapiro

In an increasingly globalized world, trade can have a big impact on carbon emissions. Could a new kind of tariff called a carbon border adjustment mechanism, or C-BAM, transform trade policy into a source of climate progress? Listen to our interview with economist and UC Berkeley professor Joseph Shapiro to learn more about C-BAMs and how the EU is trying to make them a reality.

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International Climate Finance with Mary Robinson – California China Climate Institute

To keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, countries with more financial resources need to indicate an awareness to contribute more by distributing funds for developing countries with less resources. Mary Robinson, the former and first female President of Ireland, talked about efforts to boost international climate finance, for a recent California China Climate Institute discussion.

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Rooftop Solar with Bernadette Del Chiaro

We have built 1.2 million rooftop solar systems in the state of California.Bernadette Del Chiaro, the Executive Director of the California Solar and Storage Association, discusses the importance of net-metering, an electric utility billing program that credits solar energy owners for the surplus electricity they add to the grid.

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Federal Climate Action with Gov. Jerry Brown

Former four-term California Governor Jerry Brown sat down with Climate Break to discuss policy solutions and possible government actions on climate change. While in office from 1975-1983 and then 2011-2019, Gov. Brown instituted significant environmental protections and regulations that became the standards for the nation to follow. Now retired, Gov. Brown continues to drive international conversation on clean energy, market climate solutions and global cooperation on climate change mitigation.

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