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Category: Buildings

Equitable Policy for Energy Efficient Homes with Dr. Steve Cliff

In our second episode with California Air Resources Board’s Executive Officer, Dr. Steve Cliff, hear how Dr. Cliff is thinking about the challenges of building electrification and the role government can play in ensuring a just transition to energy efficient buildings.

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Using Concrete for Carbon Removal with Dr. Erica Dodds

Dr. Erica Dodds heads the Foundation for Carbon Restoration, which advocates for using carbon removal – in addition to emissions reductions – to restore atmospheric carbon dioxide to pre-industrial revolution levels. One method of removal she says is promising? Storing carbon in concrete.

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Using Geothermal Technology to Replace Natural Gas in Homes with HEET

Heat pumps are often suggested as a way for homes to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. However, their high price tag has traditionally made them inaccessible to many. By installing neighborhood wide geothermal technology, GeoGrids could provide the solution.

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