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About Climate Break

Climate Solutions – 90 Seconds at a Time

Climate change is upon us. Fires, droughts, hurricanes, sea level rise, and melting ice caps are all part of our new normal. But something else is happening as well. Scientists, innovators, organizations, cities, companies, and citizens are taking action, making progress, and finding solutions.

Climate Break brings you stories of climate progress and interviews with climate innovators from California and around the world, in less than 2 minutes.

Like what you hear? Want more? The Climate Break podcast includes extended interviews with the people taking action and finding solutions, and the Climate Break website has more information and lots of links for further information.

Climate Break is a production of Project Climate at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, & Environment in conjunction with the U.C. Berkeley Journalism School.

About CLEE: The Center for Law, Energy & the Environment works with government, business, and the nonprofit sector to help solve urgent problems that require innovative and often interdisciplinary approaches. Drawing on the combined expertise of faculty, staff, and students across UC Berkeley, CLEE translates empirical findings into smart public policy solutions that better our environmental and energy governance systems.

About Project Climate: Project Climate is focused on moving promising climate solutions more quickly to policy and scale. Because each climate solution faces its own set of barriers and hurdles to large scale adoption, each solution requires its own action plan. Project Climate will move forward on as many climate solutions as time and funding allow.

Climate Break, Radio Show and Podcast:

Host: Ethan Elkind
Executive Editor: Ken Alex
Contributors: Megan Bergeron, Callie Rhoades, Wangyuxuan Xu, Marie Hogan, Hayley Lai, Alexandra Jade Garcia, Amanda Neslund
Alumni: Brian Howey, Susan Britton, Jericho Rajninger, Danielle Elliott, Hannah Johansson, Isabel Lyndon, Rochelle Gluzman, Rachel Goldberg, Judah Marsden, Aisha Wallace-Palomares, Ashlea Brown

Views expressed at our website, Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page are those of individual authors, producers and commenters.