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Month: August 2023

Raising the Bar: Brewing a Greener Future with Concentrated Beer, with Gary Tickle

Concentrated beer formulas that minimize water content and transportation emissions are reducing the carbon footprint of the beer industry. This groundbreaking approach presents an opportunity for both producers and consumers to make more environmentally responsible choices when consuming beer.

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Educating Girls to Address Gendered Impacts of Climate Change

How does improving access to education act as a climate solution? And why focus on educating girls? Education can contribute to the climate resilience of girls–and of their communities. We spoke with Dr. Christina Kwauk about the connections among climate change, education, and gender.

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Tackling the Plastic Crisis, with Martin Bourque

In an effort to combat the increasing use of non-recyclable plastics, Martin Bourque and the Ecology Center in Berkeley advocate for laws and programs that reduce plastic consumption. Their strategies, including a bag reduction initiative and a disposable foodware ordinance, have been adopted at state levels and by other cities.

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Hydrogen Fuel’s Potential to Decarbonize Aviation

Air travel accounts for about 2.5 percent of global carbon emissions. To reduce emissions from aviation, ZeroAvia is seeking to build the world’s first zero-emission passenger jet powered by hydrogen fuel, which offers three times more energy per kilogram than jet fuel and emits no toxic fumes when combusted. Hydrogen fuel’s higher energy density and capacity for consistent electrical power make it a promising potential energy source for aircraft.

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Using Mobile Apps to Improve Air Quality Awareness in Ghana, with Dr. Collins Gameli Hodoli

The human health effects of air pollution and climate change can exacerbate each other and some air pollutants, like black carbon, are both hazardous to human health and powerful greenhouse gasses. We spoke with Dr. Collins Gameli Hodoli about the importance of increasing awareness of poor air quality–through the use of a mobile app he developed–to developing policies to improve air quality in Ghana.

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