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Month: July 2023

Using Paleo Valleys to Recharge Aquifers, with Dr. Rosemary Knight

How can insights from geophysics help us to make better use of rainwater? Geophysicists, like Stanford’s Dr. Rosemary Knight, can identify ancient, buried riverbeds called paleo valleys. We spoke with her about how such geologic structures can help us recharge aquifers deep below the Earth’s surface.

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Electrifying Motorcycle Taxis in Africa to Reduce Emissions and Save Drivers Money

Electric motorcycles and battery swap technology can improve livelihoods and reduce emissions in Africa and around the world. Ampersand, an African electric vehicle company, provides affordable electric motorcycles (called “e-motos”) in East Africa and operates a convenient battery swap system. These e-motos are replacing polluting gas motorcycles with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

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Rerun: Could Windows Be A Source of Solar Power? with Professor Stephen Forrest

Office buildings, high rises, and greenhouses are covered in windows. What if we used all that window space to capture solar energy and add to the grid’s renewable energy supply? Listen to University of Michigan engineering professor Steven Forrest explain how a change in the semiconducors used in solar panels could allow us to transform windows into power sources — without sacrificing light and transparency.

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