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Month: May 2023

Municipal Investment in Clean Energy Tech through Community Choice Aggregation, with Rob Shaw

How can local governments can help advance clean energy technology? Investor-owned utilities dominate the electricity market in the United States, but community choice aggregators let municipalities control their own energy strategy. 

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The Clean Energy Potential of Nuclear Fusion, with Annie Kritcher

Unlike nuclear fission made famous by the atomic bomb, nuclear fusion produces energy by fusing together hydrogen isotopes. It’s been an elusive but ultimately unattainable goal. That is until a recent breakthrough at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Physicist Annie Kritcher led the team that made this advance.

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How International Trade Policy Can Boost Climate Action, with Joseph Shapiro

In an increasingly globalized world, trade can have a big impact on carbon emissions. Could a new kind of tariff called a carbon border adjustment mechanism, or C-BAM, transform trade policy into a source of climate progress? Listen to our interview with economist and UC Berkeley professor Joseph Shapiro to learn more about C-BAMs and how the EU is trying to make them a reality.

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