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Month: April 2023

State Wildlife Management and Resilience, with Chuck Bonham

Climate change puts California at an escalating risk of wildfires. Those fires are a challenge for agencies like the Department of Fish and Wildlife, which manages over a million acres of vital habitat statewide. Listen to Department Director Chuck Bonham explain how they’re managing lands to increase resiliency and protect wildlife.

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Sequestering Carbon using Compost and Grasslands, with Whendee Silver

When grassland ecosystems are healthy, they can hold a lot of carbon. But these days, most are degraded. UC Berkeley ecologist Whendee Silver says that by using compost to restore grasslands, we can help local ecosystems and draw down more carbon from the atmosphere at the same time.

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Optimizing Food Waste Recovery through Algorithms, with Maen Mahfoud

Both food waste and hunger are big problems, but connecting extra food to the people who need it most is often a challenge. In today’s episode, Climate Break talks to Replate, a platform making it easier for businesses to donate their food rather than throwing it out.

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Collaborating with farmers on climate-friendly practices, with Alameda County Resource Conservation District

How we farm can make a big difference to soil health, water quality …. and even the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. But implementing climate friendly agricultural practices – what’s known as “carbon farming” – is often hard. Ian Howell, who leads the carbon farming program at the Alameda County Resource Conservation District, explains why working one on one with farmers can help.

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