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Month: March 2023

A role for hydrogen in decarbonization? with Nick Connell

Green hydrogen is gaining traction as a tool for reliability and energy storage in a carbon-free energy world. But what makes hydrogen “green” – and how should we think about the role it plays in the energy transition? Climate Break spoke to Nick Connell of the Green Hydrogen Coalition about the fuel’s potential.

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Using Oyster Reefs to Protect Shorelines, with Claire Arre

California coastlines used to be full of oyster reefs, until human activity and development caused populations to drop precipitously. Bringing them back could breathe new life into coastal ecosystems — and protect coastal communities’ against sea level rise. We spoke to Claire Arre about how Orange County Coastkeeper is using a “living shorelines” approach to reintroduce native oysters in Orange County and how other regions can use this strategy too.

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An Induction Range, No Rewiring Required

Fans of the induction cooktops say it’s how we’ll electrify our homes, breathe cleaner air… and maybe cook better too. The hitch? Installing these cooktops often requires expensive and time consuming rewiring. We spoke to Channing Street Copper Company, a startup whose new induction cooktop could help make the technology more accessible by which plugging directly into the wall.

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