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Month: October 2022

Building Tribal Communities’ Energy Independence with Indigenized Energy Initiative

Native communities have disproportionately low access to and pay higher rates for utilities, particularly electricity, which has a significant impact on access and opportunities for remote work, education, and other activities. The Indigenized Energy Initiative works to increase indigenous energy ownership and access in order to address the social, economic, and environmental injustices that native communities face. This week, Chéri Smith, founder and CEO of IEI, discusses their strategy for assisting indigenous communities and eliminating energy poverty.

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Using Concrete for Carbon Removal with Dr. Erica Dodds

Dr. Erica Dodds heads the Foundation for Carbon Restoration, which advocates for using carbon removal – in addition to emissions reductions – to restore atmospheric carbon dioxide to pre-industrial revolution levels. One method of removal she says is promising? Storing carbon in concrete.

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