Month: August 2022

What Does Effective Climate Communication Look Like with Dr. Candice Howarth

We’re talking about climate change more than ever before, but these conservations can often leave people feeling scared and hopeless. Dr. Candice Horwath, Senior Policy Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics. and co-Director of the Place-Based Climate Action Network. She says there are better ways to talk about climate change and policy.

How to Protect Water Supply from Agricultural Pollutants with Des Moines Water Works

Throughout the US, agricultural and livestock runoff are some of the largest contributors to drinking water pollution, especially in heavily farmed states like California and Iowa. Pesticides and fertilizers which, without strategies like cover cropping, can enter the water stream, leading to elevated levels of dissolved nitrates and phosphorus and causing toxic algal blooms. Listen to Jennifer Terry, external affairs manager for Des Moines Water Works, Iowa’s largest water treatment utility, about their solutions for reducing agricultural pollutants in water stream.

How do Oyster Reefs Protect Shorelines with Claire Arre

Oysters can be a valuable environmental solution for shoreline restoration. Oyster reefs can support hundreds of marine species, improve water quality and protect against erosion and storm surges. Oysters also helps stabliize sediments and wave energy, which aids in the reduction of coastal erosion and the effects of sea-level rise. This week, listen to Claire Arre, Marine Restoration Director at Orange County Coastkeepers about how to use native oysters and eelgrass to bolster shorelines from the impacts of climate change.