Month: July 2022

Carbon Farming with Ian Howell

Studies show that using cover crops in combination with other soil management practices can really increase the soil biomass and soil carbon. It’s good for the crop system, farm operation, carbon sequestration and management. Ian Howell, a resource conservationist with the Alameda County Resource Conservation District will explain why the techniques can reduce and remove the carbon emissions associated with agriculture.

Wildfire Resilience in California with Chuck Bonham

As climate change increases wildfire severity, adequate funding to maintain and restore natural and working lands as a buffer against climate impacts is key. This week, join our conversation with Chuck Bonham, the Director of California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife about how California offers an example through the one million acres his department manages.

What Does West Virgina v. EPA Mean for Environmental Policy? with Professor Dan Farber and Ken Alex

Audio By: Wangyuxuan Xu Scripting By: Alexandra Jade Garcia Blurb By: Elizabeth Shertinsky Socials By: Sophia Del Priore West Virginia v. EPA The U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency on June 30, 2022, determining (in a 6-3 ruling) that, without explicit congressional instruction, the EPA cannot curb emissions […]