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Month: April 2022

What U.S.-China diplomacy relationship means for fighting climate change with Kevin Rudd – California China Climate Institute

Diplomacy may actually produce some real results on climate change. Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia says addressing climate change requires the U S and China to put aside differences and collaborate on climate policy in a California China Climate Institute discussion.

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Electric Vehicle-Grid Integration with Dr. Carla Peterman – California China Climate Institute

The growth of electric vehicles has increased the demands on the electric grid, which can be a particular problem if EV owners charge their cars at the same time that other electricity demand is at its peak. However, EVs may be part of the solution to some of the grid’s operational challenges.  Dr. Carla Peterman, chief sustainability officer at electric utility Pacific Gas and Electric and a former California energy official, spoke about the possibility of electric vehicles providing grid services.

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The Importance of Merging Humans and Nature with Dr. Liz Hadly – California China Climate Institute

Dr. Liz Hadly is a biologist studying how human activity and human caused climate change affect global biodiversity and ecosystem function. One policy Dr. Hadly’s research supports is the so-called 30×30 pledge to conserve 30 percent of both land and oceans by 2030, which California and United States made the promise to meet the target. At a recent California China Climate Institute discussion, she discussed preserving native biodiversity as a way of building climate resilience, with former California Governor Jerry Brown.

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Climate 101 – S1E1: Lessons from California: Where we’ve gone wrong that other states can learn from, as well as where we’ve gone right

“Climate 101” is a new roundtable podcast that our show producer, Ethan Elkind, will talk to different experts to get the basics on various climate topics in each episode. This time, the guest is California’s trailblazing climate leaders Mary Nichols, Louise Bedsworth, and Aimee Barnes and they will talk about lessons from California: Where we’ve gone wrong that other states can learn from, as well as where we’ve gone right.

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