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Month: March 2022

Climate Disaster Mitigation Through Political Action with Dr. Michael Mann – California China Climate Institute

Combating the effects of climate change requires effective policy solutions, and in democratic societies, one of the most effective climate actions citizens can take is voting for candidates that support sustainable climate solutions. Thus, climate change must be viewed as a voting issue to build public and political demand for climate solutions. This week, listen to the climate scientist Michael Mann in this California China Climate Institute discussion.

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Decarbonization in the Short Term with Christiana Figueres – California China Climate Institute

As climate change impacts rapidly increase, global leaders are working to greatly accelerate their emission reductions by 2030. They are working to reach short-term decarbonization solutions as quickly as possible. This week, listen to Christiana Figueres at a recent California China Climate Institution discussion and how investors and advocates can enhance scrutiny over international fossil fuel investments.

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