Month: February 2022

How Policy Change Boosts Electric Vehicle Transformation in Europe with Laurence Tubiana – California China Climate Institute

The European Union has recently seen a significant transformation in the market for electric vehicles. Nearly 1,325,000 electric car registrations in 2020 has been reported which is an 11% increase in registration from 2019. Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation, indicated that there are still hurdles for people who looks for switching to electric cars in a California China Climate Institute discussion. This week, listen to Tubiana about policies to boost this transformation.

International Climate Finance with Mary Robinson – California China Climate Institute

To keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, countries with more financial resources need to indicate an awareness to contribute more by distributing funds for developing countries with less resources. Mary Robinson, the former and first female President of Ireland, talked about efforts to boost international climate finance, for a recent California China Climate Institute discussion.

How Environmental Voters Can Influence Climate Policy with Dr. Martin Rees – California China Climate Institute

Environmental Voter Project identified over 11 million potential environmentalists in Fall of 2020 who were “unlikely to vote in the presidential election.” Increasing environmental voter turnout could make a significant impact on climate policy through legislative action and budget provisions. This week, listen to what Dr. Martin Rees said in a California China Climate Institute discussion.

What You Need to Know About COP26

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference was taken place in November 2021 in Glasgow. After 13 days of intense negotiations, 200 countries reached an agreement on the Glasgow Climate Pact, which will accelerate climate action this decade and completed the Paris Rulebook. This week, listen to Ethan Elkind and Ken Alex, the Executive Producers of Climate Break, about the major outcomes of the conference.