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Month: November 2021

How Seaweed Helps Scientists Reduce Methane Emissions

Livestock produce significant amounts of methane as part of their normal digestive processes. It’s about the same from oil and gas. Scientists are now tackling methane emissions with seaweed feed. This week, listen to Ermias Kebreab, Associate Dean and Professor of Animal Science at UC Davis, to learn about how seaweed diets can help cows produce less methane.

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Corporate Climate Policy Advocacy with Bill Weihl

Public policy is an essential element of climate change response. However, to date, big tech has only devoted about 4% of their federal lobbying activity in the US to climate-related policies. Bill Weihl, Executive Director of ClimateVoice, is calling on the big US tech companies to make climate one of their top advocacy priorities and devote one in five of their lobbying dollars to policies that will keep warming below 1.5 degrees.

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Large-scale Solar with Shannon Eddy

In 2018, former California governor Jerry Brown set a goal to completely decarbonize the electricity grid by 2045. Solar will be the backbone of the grid. The state will need probably 70,000 megawatts of utility scale solar online in the next 25 years. This week, listen to the conversation between Climate Break and Large-scale Solar Association, to see how it supports market penetration of utility-scale solar technologies through appropriate policy mechanisms.

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