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Month: October 2021

Regenerating Food Systems with Grizzly Corps

The agricultural sector, in combination with forestry, contributes to almost 25% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. A healthy food system can bring positive impact on climate through different aspects, including transportation, infrastructure, water use, or urban planning, etc. This week, we will explore how Grizzly Corps, a National Service Fellowship program through AmeriCorps administered at UC Berkeley Law, regenerate California agriculture food systems.

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Nature-Based Solutions with Dr. Deborah Brosnan

Coral reefs have 25% of Marine biodiversity. And about a billion people around the world, depending on coral reefs every day, either directly or indirectly. Dr. Deborah Brosnan, marine biologist and founder of Deborah Brosnan and Associates, is working on Ocean Shot, a project that integrates nature-based solutions to help restore coral reefs.

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