Increasing Efficiency Through Power Line Reconductoring, with Umed Paliwal

The expansion of renewable energy is heightening the need for improved transmission capacity of our electrical grid. Unfortunately, rapid grid expansion to meet this demand faces funding and cost allocation obstacles. Large-scale reconductoring of advanced conductor systems has been proposed as an alternative. We spoke to Umed Paliwal, a researcher from UC Berkeley, to learn more about the process and benefits of reconductoring.

Mass Mobilization for Climate, with Dana Fisher

Through organized rallies and marches, the public has begun to see an increased recognition of climate justice issues amidst various other social movements. Mass mobilization thus provides a tactic of community organizing and civic engagement that can unite people across the globe – or create the possibility of a backlash. We spoke with Dana Fisher to learn more.

Generating Electricity from Air, with Jun Yao

As the world explores the promising prospects of mainstream sustainable energy, many have looked towards solutions that optimize carbon footprints and conversion rates. We spoke to Jun Yao, Professor of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts who led the Air Gen project, about the scientific breakthroughs his team have made on air humidity energy conversion—using air filters to capture water particles and taking advantage of their natural charges.

Alleviating Urban Heat Traps, with Jeff Goodell

The dangers of extreme heat in an evolving climate is evident across many parts of the world, and the cities are the first to bear the most severe consequences. Rising temperatures and the inherent rigidity of concrete building structures trap heat waves within urban areas, directly threatening the health of residents and especially vulnerable populations like outdoor workers. Urban planners are seeking new solutions to help dissipate heat. We spoke with Jeff Goodell, the author of The Heat Will Kill You First, about building climate resilience in urban landscapes by creating shared Safe Hubs with air conditioning and establishing green spaces.